Over the past 60+ years, Margaret KEANE, creator of ‘Big Eyes’ has been a very prolific painter.  You may or may not know about a feature film directed by Tim Burton, starring Amy Adams & Christoph Waltz, that will be in theaters this December.  It tells the story of a woman who lived through abuse and triumphed in the end.  Be sure to see it.  Now, to the purpose of this letter: Licensing KEANE images.

Margaret KEANE created iconic images that are instantly recognized and ingrained in the memory of much of the population.  It’s fascinating to see this same attraction developing among a new generation as they become aware of her art and the trials she endured.  Her work generates emotions rarely seen in the art world, and she continues creating in 2014.  My feeling is her creations will translate very well onto a number of mediums which are available for licensing.  Here are some ideas for use:

 TOYS & GAMES:  Naturally lend themselves to a KEANE category.  I have often imagined an entire ‘KEANE FAMILY’ of toys, dolls, plush, games, drawing books, and cut-outs, with all the associated trappings.

 HOUSEHOLD:  In this category I see bedding, drapery, floor coverings, wall treatments, and towels, all working with KEANE images.  Some targeting children, others designed for adults.

 GARMENTS & FASHION APPAREL:  For women, children (babies) men, and pets — the possibilities and your imagination are limitless.  Look beyond the obvious of T-Shirts, which is a given, and see beautiful silk robes, lingerie, sleep-ware, mens ties, hats, aprons, ladies purses & shoes, working beautifully with paintings, many representing The Renaissance Era.

JEWELRY:  For kids and adults.  Imagine a line of watches either with a paradise-like face, or a pensive face that has a diamond for a tear.  Then, there are pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

I’ve only mentioned four (4) categories.  After looking at a few of her paintings, I’m sure you will quickly realize our library is extensive, thus the possibilities and applications are numerous.  You may have your very own unique idea, please, contact us and let’s create a KEANE world.


Robert Brown, Executive Director
Keane Eyes Gallery
3040 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: 415-922-9309